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Decentralization is extremely much essential considering our large cities like Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, etc. We are almost spending about approximately 2 hours on traffic, and much more resource and effort is deployed. Think about these 2 hours, if one can use for some other things like spending time with your family members, exercise, reading or on your hobbies.

Check the price of infrastructure in large cities and compare with your native place? There is a vast difference in price. People are taking a large amount of loans and investing in infrastructure. Will it be the same case in smaller towns? Its all due to centralization approach.

Development is taking place only in limited cities with centralization approach. More weight age is given to these cities compared with other cities. If we follow the decentralization approach, surely we could be in a better position like traffic, infrastructure, etc.

If Government take proper action and follow the approach of decentralization, surely it will help to develop many cities than the current approach, where hardly two or three cities are developed in the state. Especially with IT firm, Government can take the positive approach on decentralization so that IT firm can be spread across the state. This will surely help people to save much of their time on traveling and will give scope for over all development of smaller cities.

We see the power supply for these large cities is done from other part of the state. Almost 33% wastage during supply from one part of state to other as the main city lies in other part. Water supply for these bigger cities is given the importance and much more expenditure is done on supply of water as it turns to be more complex. Compare same thing with decentralization approach, where expenditure of supply of current and water can be saved without more complexity.

Life can be easy, peace and without the traffic. Development can be seen across with the simple approach without any complexity as shown in the image above. All the modern amenities can be spread across the state, so that people staying in any part of state will not be left out from modernization.