Traditional Agriculture

Now a day's modern generation life style is mainly concentrated on hi-fi life style like shopping malls, multiplex, traveling around, cable network entertainment, IPL, etc. All these stuff are purely concentrated towards pure entertainment, comfort, and for leisure. But do we have the time or give thought about the basic need like food, water and shelter. What is the price of basic essential component and with what speed their price is increasing?

Maybe we are in such a position that we can afford easily the basic essential component of life, so we do not give much thought. Thinking from the common man's life style it's very difficult to meet the basic need.

Why is the price rise? The only reason is demand is getting more and source to fulfill demand is getting narrow down. What is the reason for this? The reason is we are not concentrating much on increasing the quantity of the basic component of life that is food and water to the increasing demand. Traditional Agriculture

We are trying to implement modern technology in everyday life and try to make sure that modern technology is applied to modern life-style so that comfort is provided. But is the same level of thought of modern scientific technology is applied to the agriculture sector to increase the quantity of food with minimum effort? Especially in India, we find the traditional approach for agriculture is followed, our effort is more and output is very less. We are not implementing the modern scientific technology in agriculture. There are cases where people have sufficient land and water but no resource to work on it as the crude traditional approach is followed or there is a shortage of electric current.

In India, agriculture is the back-bone of Indian economy, we should give more thought towards this direction as to stronger the Indian economy. We are not following with modern scientific approach like testing the soil to find which crops suit the soil so that we have a good crop with minimum impact from pests. Traditional Agriculture

We have the best source of sunlight where we can meet the shortage of current by using solar energy. In rural areas, we don't have a power supply for agriculture the whole day, hardly get 3-4 hours of power supply in the night. We should educate the farmer on this front, encourage them to use scientific technology like solar pumps to fulfill the need of current supply for agriculture. The other alternative can be solar wind pump. The other approach that needs to follow is to save water or increase ground water level by water harvesting.

These are very few stepping stone. A greater thought should be provided and educate the farmers to use the scientific approach, so that we can increase the very basic need of human: food.