Satish Jadhav

My name is Satish Jadhav and one can find more details about me in 'About Me' section. Let me tell you the intention of this website, I was searching a way to express my thought about the current state of our environment, climate, our future younger generation, agriculture, water, global warming, etc. Initially, I had a vague idea about the website, but through the casual conversation with my friends confirmed to make the website idea into reality, so here it is.

Trying my little best to make the life of our younger generation easy. The current phase of destruction to our environment, surely will not be as easy life for the coming generation as what we have. It is our moral responsibility to give the best environment to live for our coming younger generation.

Here, I am trying to describe my thoughts in both, positive: how to make our life easy so eventually our younger generation life would be easier, negative: the destruction caused by us which will surely impact our younger generation, they need to suffer for the things what we have done. Do they deserve it????

If one see the image on this website, it represents the intent of this website. A pleasant thought that is propagating with the melody in nature: greenery, bright colours, animals, peace, happiness, which are highly essential to the coming generation. I hope the thought will not limit to only me, but will turn to be OUR thought and spread across the message. I am doing my part of duty, and it is your turn now.